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Terms of use

Activity store.

I. General Information

Online store is managed by company Mia Boutique Ewelina Skowron, registered under NIP 536-22-89-569, REGON 361 589 792.

Address of the entrepreneur, under which the consumer can quickly and effectively communicate with the entrepreneur and to submit complaints are as follows:

  •  e-mail address:,
  • telephone number: +48791260586.

The price quoted is valid at the time of order by the Buyer. Delivery of goods is exempt from VAT on the basis of art.113 section 1 and 9 to the VAT Act. Each item will be documented with bill or invoice (on request) documents the supply of goods exempt from tax under Articles . 113 paragraph 1 and 9 to the VAT Act.

Cost of shipments of goods paid by the consumer are as follows:
1) Paczka 24 via Polish Post – 12,50 zł (prepayment only)
2) Polish Registered Post - 5,50 zł (prepayment only)
3) Paczkomat In-Post - 11.00 zł (prepayment only)
4) Polecony In-Post - 4.50 zł (prepayment only)
5) Polish Registered Post for Europe and world – 17,00 zł (prepayment only)

By placing an order in, you provide us with a single power of attorney to conclude a contract for the shipping services in your name and on your behalf with the Polish Post and InPost for sending the purchased goods. The cost of shipping will not be included on the receipt. The power of attorney does not impact you financially at all.

Methods of payment for purchased goods:
1 ) deposit into the bank account of an entrepreneur nr 62 1910 1048 2413 3220 3247 0001,
2 ) via payment platform Przelewy24

2 ) via payment platform PayPal

2 ) credit card via payment platform PayPal

Payment transfer takes place prior to shipping.

The choice of delivery and payment method belongs to the consumer.

II. Our Services and dealing with complaints

  1.      All products offered in the online store and delivered to the consumer are brand new, free from physical and legal defects, and have been legally placed on the polish market. An entrepreneur must provide to the consumer only such goods.
  2.      The rules for making purchases in online store  apply to sales contracts concluded at a distance, unless the seller and the consumer determine different conditions in writing or by e-mail with acknowledgment of receipt of correspondence.
  3.      Ordering in online store takes place in accordance with the rules of these regulations. The order should include a customer statement with the acceptance of these rules.
  4.      Shopping in may be made only by adults.
  5.      The pictures on the online shop are informative. View of the goods may depend on the properties of the hardware that will be displayed. If in doubt, please contact the entrepreneur.
  6.      The prices visible in the online shop are given in polish currency and equivalent in other currencies, including all taxes, and are valid when ordering by the consumer.
  7.      The rules for submitting and accepting orders:

1 ) Information about the goods placed on the online shop not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, but they are an invitation to negotiations for the conclusion of the contract. The consumer makes an offer to buy a particular product by completing the appropriate order form, available on the website of the store.

2 ) In order to place an order and delivery of the goods the consumer enters his data such as name, address, contact telephone number, e-mail.

3 ) When ordering the consumer receives the price information and the possible methods of payment and delivery of goods ordered

4 ) The consumer shall receive a return message confirming receipt of the order. Entrepreneur reserves in exceptional cases, the possibility of non-contract , of which the consumer is immediately informed electronically.

  1.      In the case of non-payment by bank transfer or credit card for the ordered goods within 7 days of the order, the order will expire and become ineffective. The date of payment by bank transfer or credit card is a day to recognize entrepreneur's bank account the whole of the selling price of the goods.
  2.      The order can be canceled if the goods have not yet been sent. The contract can be canceled by e-mail or telephone.
  3.    In the absence of consumer goods ordered by the entrepreneur shall immediately inform the fastest possible delivery or in the absence of the order will immediately return the paid price.
  4.    The ordered goods are sent in the order time: immediately after receiving of the whole amount of money to the bank account of an entrepreneur.
  5.    The awaiting time for execution of the contract for goods made or imported for individual consumer's order will be determined separately between the trader and the consumer. The entrepreneur shall inform the consumer about the alleged time of the order by email or by phone. In the absence of acceptance of the proposed deadline by the consumer may cancel the order, and if you have already made payment  for the goods, amount will be immediately returned to the entrepreneur.
  6.    The consumer is obliged to pay the full price for the goods ordered from the online store including postage, if shipping occurs on the consumer side.
  7.    The entrepreneur may establish with the consumer individual forms of payment, discount and shipment of goods in case of a larger number of orders.
  8.    The entrepreneur is not responsible for the consequences of a false indication of the consumer's address on which the shipment should be sent.
  9.    The entrepreneur is not responsible for delays in delivery of goods for reasons of force majeure. In case of delay in delivery for reasons inherent on the side of the provider of shipment (mail, courier) the entrepreneur shall take appropriate measures under the law or the contract with the supplier as soon as possible purpose of delivery to the consumer.
  10.    The consumer is obliged to immediately check whether the product is not damaged and that corresponds to the contract (agreement).
  11.    If the product is damaged or does not correspond to the contract (agreement) the consumer should return the goods to a trader indicates the cause and circumstances justifying the return of the goods. The risk of loss or damage to the goods passes from the entity delivering the shipment to the consumer upon receipt of delivery by the consumer.
  12.    The consumer in the event of return of goods damaged or not in accordance with the order shall notify the trader immediately.
  13.    Complaints can be made for goods, which is inconsistent with a contract or a defect or damage within the meaning of the Civil Code of the warranty.
  14.    In case of receipt of goods not in conformity, faulty or damaged consumer has the right to send him back to the entrepreneur. Shipping costs reasonably returned shall be borne by the entrepreneur. The unjustified complaint costs will be covered by the consumer.
  15.    It is recommended that the consumer before returning the goods to the online shop previously contacted the trader in order to determine the details of the complaint process.
  16.    The entrepreneur uses the services of cooperating with the guarantee of goods.
  17.    Reported defect is subject to verification in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code of the warranty by the entrepreneur.
  18.    The answer to the claim of complaint from the entrepreneur will be given within 14 days from the date of receipt by the entrepreneur.
  19.    Goods should include appropriate, and if possible, original packaging which enables safe transport.
  20.    In the context of the complaint, the consumer should send it complete with all the accessories.
  21.    Advertised goods should contain detailed description of the occurring defect or damage.
  22.    Claims Complaints will not be considered, if a defect, malfunction or damage to the goods occurred for reasons inherent to the consumer, or will be the consequence of normal wear and tear.
  23.     Claims for damage to goods during shipment need to demonstrate that arose during transport.
  24.    In the event of loss of the consignment, entrepreneur complaints with the delivery company. If the consumer has made payment by bank transfer, return of the amount paid will be completed immediately following the loss of the consignment in transit.
  25.    In the event that the goods will be consistent as in agreement and non-defective, entrepreneur has the right to expect to return incurred cost of shipping the goods.
  26.    The complaint does not be taken into account when the product was overpriced due to known defect, and the same defect has been described in the profile of the goods, and the consumer has agreed to it, ordered and purchased merchandise as it was offered for sale.

III. Order withdrawal

  1.      A consumer who has a contract for distance sales of goods, may withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 days from receipt of the purchased goods without the cost, except for:

1 ) increased costs of shipping chosen by the consumer in a form other than that provided for this Regulation,

2 ) the costs exceed the direct cost of returning the goods

  1.      A withdrawal form constitutes Appendix No. 1 to this Regulation, the application form of this formula is not mandatory.
  2.      Termination of the contract can be made by sending the statement to entrepreneur in writing or by e-mail entrepreneur specified in these regulations.
  3.      The trader shall send the consumer confirmation of receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the contract; may be the message sent by e-mail.
  4.      All payments the consumer to the trader, including the costs of delivering the goods, with the exception of the costs indicated in paragraph. 1 points 1 and 2 above, shall be reimbursed by the entrepreneur immediately, not later than within 14 days of receipt by the entrepreneur declaration of withdrawal from the contract and proof of delivery or return the goods to the trader depending on which event occurs first.
  5.      Reimbursement by the entrepreneur payments and the cost of delivery of the goods takes place in the same form in which they were made by the consumer, unless the consumer expressly agrees to a different way of return, which is not binding for him any costs.
  6.      Return of goods to the consumer should take place by mail or courier, or directly to the entrepreneur.
  7.      The consumer is responsible for the reduced value of the product which is the result of using it in a way that goes beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of things.

IV. Return policy

  1.      Return of goods by the consumer to the trader is only possible as a result of the effective withdrawal from the contract, or as a result of effective warranty claims, if the defects in the goods turn out to be significant, and the trader does not immediately replace the product with a new, free from defects or does not repair the goods.
  2.      Refund is made only to goods purchased at the company, and should have identifying features or evidence of their purchase by the consumer at the entrepreneur.
  3.      As far as possible, the goods should be returned in their original packaging.
  4.      It is the responsibility of the consumer to package goods in an appropriate manner during transport.
  5.      Goods returned as a result of withdrawal by the consumer within 14 days of delivery date, cannot be in this period used for any purpose other than necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of things.
  6.      Goods returned as a result of warranty claims shall not exceed the normal wear and tear, according to the principles of sound.
  7.      Returned goods must be complete with accessories associated with the goods.

V. Personal data protection

1. Personal data consumers are processed by the trader in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997. Protection of Personal Data

2. The processing of personal data of consumers only in the execution of a contract of sale (art. 23 paragraph  1 pt 3 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data ) .

3. The entrepreneur undertakes not to share personal information about its consumers to third parties.

4. Pursuant to art . 24 paragraph . 1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data entrepreneur provide the consumer with the following information :

a) the address and full name of registered company: Company: Mia Boutique Ewelina Skowron, NIP 536-22-89-569, REGON 361589792.

b) the purpose of data collection: the implementation of the sales contract

c) the consumer has the right to access personal data and correct them through the login panel available on,

d) personal data are made available to businesses by the consumer voluntarily.



VI. The functionality of digital content , hardware and software.

  1.      The entrepreneur leading online store is using the ICT system, to connect with electronic hardware and access to the Internet to use communication by e-mail.
  2.      The consumer is responsible for securing its data belong to him, and electronic devices for access to them, as well as the obligation to put on the Internet of lawful content .
  3.      The entrepreneur does not use the equipment, rights and consumer rights related to access to the Internet, except for e-mail messaging .

VII. Additional information and severability clause.

  1.      The above regulations and their amendments shall enter into force when placing it on the online store, accepted orders will be processed under the rules in force at the date of the accepted order (agreement).
  2.      The entrepreneur reserves the right to make and withdrawing products from the offer without giving any reason, as well as to changes in the prices of the goods offered, accepted the order will be implemented under the existing rules.
  3.      The entrepreneur reserves the right to carry and cancel promotions at the online shop, or make changes, the accepted order will be implemented under the existing rules.
  4.      The entrepreneur is not responsible for the temporary lack of access to your online store, for reasons inherent on the side of third parties.
  5.      The consumer should protect your account and password, as the shop is not responsible for purchases made by third parties through the account of the consumer.
  6.      Any disputes that may arise from the contract of sale shall be settled first by negotiation and agreement of the parties.
  7.      Disputes related to the execution of the contract of sale, which will not be resolved by agreement of the parties shall be settled by the Polish common courts. In a separate agreement the dispute may be submitted to arbitration.
  8.      Other issues that were not regulate under above Terms and Conditions, are regulated by the Civil Code and the law on consumer rights.
  9.      The entrepreneur is not a participant and did not take the optional code of good practice referred to in Article. 2 points. 5 of the Act of 23 August 2007. on counteracting unfair market but its activity complies with good manners, including fair market practices.
  10.    In the event that certain provisions of these Regulations have proven to be invalid, void or could be considered as illegal clauses, then it does not void the entire regulations of Terms and Conditions, but in place of the above provisions shall apply the relevant provisions of law.

Any comments, questions and observations suggest that you direct by email to the email address:, telephone number; +48791260586

Appendix 1 to the Rules

(This form should be completed and returned only if a right of withdrawal)

- Recipient:

- I / We (*) hereby give notice / announce (*) in my / our withdrawal from the contract of sale of the following things (*) for the supply of the following items (*) contract for work consisting in making the following items (*) / provision of the following services (*)

- Orders conclusion of the data (*) / received (*) :

- Name (s) of the consumer:

- The consumer (s) Address:

- Signature of consumer ( s) (only if this form is notified on paper ) :

- Data :

( * ) Delete as appropriate